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Written by Carlos Diéguez   
Friday, 15 April 2011

warm-ups.phpThe exercises proposed here are a useful tool for everyday work in rehearls of non-professional bands. The combination of exercises warming, flexibility, scales, arpeggios, chords, or dynamic accents musicians will provide the teamwork necessary to achieve highest level as a group. In non-professional sets the level of members varies significantly. For some musicians will face a challenge exercises or scales never practiced for years in the forgetfulness and for others however are a few simple warm up exercises before the test.
It is therefore even more important that both sides conduct such exercises to achieve a compact group sound.
Teacher may be recalled that only a small sample of the many possible combinations we can do. Each of them can done in different shades, tessitura, dynamic, with changes stress, rhythm ... so the real possibilities are endless.
It is also desirable that this technical work is extended to other financial and lead to "specific passages"of works that Band is currently rehearsing.

CONTAINS FULL SCORE. The Parts to the instruments are sent for free in PDF by contacting the author

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