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Written by Carlos Diéguez   
Tuesday, 26 April 2011


The Conde de Lemos is a fantasy to Banda Music that moves us in the early seventeenth century through the life of a distinguished Galician.

Pedro Fernandez de Castro Andrade and Portugal (Monforte de Lemos, 1576 - Madrid, 1622) was the seventh Count of Lemos, Marquis of Sarria IV, Count V of Villalba, III Andrade and Grande of Spain First Class. Known as "The Great Conde de Lemos," he held positions as relevant in the Spain of Philip III as Chairman of the Council of the Indies, Viceroy of Naples or the President of the Supreme Council of Italy.

Fernandez de Castro was patron of the most important literary writers from the Spanish Golden Age such as Lope de Vega (which for a time had been the personal secretary of the Count), Miguel de Cervantes, Luis de Góngora and Francisco de Quevedo. Cervantes dedicated the second part of El Quijote, Ejemplares Novels, Comedies and entering or of Los Trabajos Persiles and Sigismund, to name only some of the universal literary works written in honor of the Count.

The fantasy life leads us to this noble Galician language with us about the time of the medieval troubadours and minstrels who are accompanied by the nobles with their music and Celtic airs of knights errant.

The work is published in the Dos Acordes.

Work differs in three main thematic blocks:

Lands in the quiet of Lemos: is the part of the introduction, which leads us through the sound of bells, the liturgical sequence of metals from soil and severe melancholy oboe contemplating the life of retreat, meditation and quiet at home condal de Lemos.

Party in the County: describes the feeling of the people and the parties receiving the gentlemen when Castro returned to the County to rest after achieving major successes. The minstrels, Celtic music and chivalrous adventures told by the Count are the protagonists of this feast.

In the Court of Naples: symbolizes a dance palace in Naples where the Count was the Viceroy.

The dance begins with a time Minuetto which will be transformed with the memories and longing for the Land of Lemos to become a Celtic dance full of strength and feelings.

This work is dedicated to the author's hometown, Monforte de Lemos and the great Conde de Lemos, coinciding with the commemoration of the fourth centenary of his Vicerreinado in Naples (1610-2010).

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