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Written by Carlos Diéguez   
Friday, 18 November 2011

What is to be a band director?, What are their roles?, Is it really a trade or a profession? are just a sampling of the issues addressed in this book.

The author describes the job of band director through its origins, its evolution or historical figures who have influenced his transformation. It is a play about the world of management but on the directors themselves.

Knowing the whys of the office is to understand its history and the reasons that led us to our own present.

Edited by two chords and with a foreword by D. Jesús Ignacio Pérez Perazzo (founding director of the Simón Bolívar Youth Symphony Band-Venezuela), the book is a comprehensive research that takes us deeper into the roots of the craft and its evolution.

Within the framework of the 3rd National Congress of Spain Band Directors, held in the Galician village of Ortigueira for 29 and October 30, 2011, took place the presentation.

So far, both teachers, and musicians in general have shown a good criticism of the work coming to call it "essential reading for any band director."

The index of the book is as follows:

Reflections as a prologue


1. The origins of the trade

2. Of minstrels and Chapels

2.1. The Choirmaster

2.2. The office of municipal musician

3. The Janissaries

3.1. The Music of Thirds

3.2. In the New World

4. Strings and Winds

5. The French Revolution. The transition to the nineteenth

6. The transformation of s. XIX: In search of a new band model

6.1. The birth of the conductor

6.2. The first European competition bands

6.3. Into the new century: John Philip Sousa

7. The twentieth century mentality, education, society and turn of the century

7.1. The movement of the early Latin American bandístico s. XX

7.2. The American Case

7.3. The Musician competitions and special

7.4. The beginning of a campaign pro-national managers and union

7.5. The board of directors of the State

7.6. From bowling to moonlighting

7.7. The office of director in a concentration camp

7.8. The legacies of the Spanish dictatorship

8. The XXI century: our society

8.1. National Band Plans

9. What can be taught the trade

9.1. The Lead

9.2. Transcripts and Instrumentations

9.3. The psychology of the teacher

9.4. The rehearsals. Communication and Leadership

9.5. Creating a project

9.6. The activity of management and labor relations


Documentary sources and references

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