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Written by Carlos Diéguez   
Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bandeando is an  Iberoamerican project (Spain,Portugal and Latin American). It is the first method written in a bilingual Spanish and Portuguese and with iberoamerican repertory.

Contains a CD (play along), so that young musicians can practice at home with the band. There is also the director (conductor)  for a complete tutorial on each work, analysis, historical perspective, stylistic, ...

An innovative and complete all work developed by the National Association of Band Directors to contribute to the development of children and youth musicians in our countries.

Their difficulty for grades 1 to 3.

It was premiered  on May 4, 2013 in the Spanish town of Ortigueira (Galicia), by the Banda de Música de Ortigueira.

To purchase and learn more about Bandeando, their website is:






The Wind Bands had historically a social component in most cases been hidden, or at least relegated to the background, her educational work. But today, the use of band formations as a pedagogical tool in music teaching is not only a reality, but practically we can consider an essential tool for the development of wind instrumentalists when making music together .

Conservatories in Spain have officially Band course during the six years that make up the Professional Education (formerly called "Intermediate"). However, it is convenient to start the practice in previous phases together, so it is essential to have appropriate educational resources for these initial levels.

The method "Bandeando" provides valuable materials for Elementary Level students where they can find a number of pieces of very different styles and backgrounds, with very practical and functional instrumentation, which will provide teachers / directors of a suitable to own technical and musical demands of these students.

In addition, this collection by Carlos Dieguez Beltran, is distinguished by Ibero American music collection and for the great amount of musical information, historical and stylistic, which facilitates the work for the director.

No doubt the use of this method in instrumental practice together helps provide an education full of music students, and use the Band not only as a means of socializing, but also as a great teaching tool.

Manuel Mondejar Criado

(President of the National Association of Band Directors)

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